PLANS to build an additional 19 houses on a development in Ryedale, making it one of the biggest in the town’s history, have been rejected by councillors.

Persimmon Homes Yorkshire submitted plans to increase the number of homes at the Westfield Nurseries Site, Norton, but councillors at a Ryedale District Council meeting rejected the proposal, arguing that the development would place too much pressure on local services such as parking and school places.

The firm already has planning permission for 197 properties at the site, the layout of which was redesigned following the initial 186-home plan.

The developer said it was merely responding to market demand, but the application was recommended to councillors for refusal on the grounds that it would lead to the former brickworks site becoming overdeveloped and not providing an adequate living environment for people.

Councillor Lindsay Burr said she had already seen an increase in traffic without the further 19 properties being granted planning permission.

“We are already seeing vans, cars and friends parking and we have got a massive problem here. I would not want to see any more houses on this site,” she said.

“I don’t think a parking increase is what this site can cope with.”

Pressure on schools from an increased number of children living in the area was also cited by councillors as a concern with the development.

Councillor Brian Maud said: “My concern was where are these kids going to go to school. We need to see a school first before we see more children coming in to the area.

“I think it is going to become so cluttered with cars and I don’t want to see that in Norton.”

Jon Berkin, speaking on behalf of Persimmon Homes at the meeting on Tuesday evening, said that it was a “response to a change in market demand” and asked for the decision to be deferred to continue talks with Ryedale District Council.