CONCERNS have been raised over the “dreadful and dangerous” condition of roads in Norton.

Town and district councillor Di Keal has been campaigning for improvements to be carried out, particularly in Church Street and the corner of Springfield Garth, where a large pool of water forms when it rains.

“I met with county highways almost a year ago when Church Street was described by the officer as high priority and in urgent need of repair and it has deteriorated still further since to the extent that it is now positively dangerous especially for cyclists,” she said.

Coun Keal said the main issues were potholes and cracks. “The road has been in a dreadful state for some time and we assumed it would have been repaired when they did Commercial Street, but it has deteriorated still further after last year’s flooding,” she said.

“Just like the flood mitigation measures that were promised following the floods in November and December 2012, it seems that county highways have also abandoned Norton’s roads.

“It was suggested straight after the floods that an under-the-road gully to house pipes for emergency pumps could be installed at the same time as the repairs to the road were carried out, but neither has been delivered.”

However, Coun Keal said some progress had been made on the issue of the pools of water at the top of Springfield Garth through Twitter. “I finally got fed up of raising this issue over the Christmas holiday and, via Twitter, wished North Yorkshire County Council a happy New Year from the webbed-footed people of Norton.

“They called me at 8.30 the following morning to say that an order for the work has gone in, so at least I hope that this one will be resolved.”

Richard Marr, area highways manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said the problem was roads were not assessed according to their ride quality.

“Structurally, Church Street is not that bad and I am afraid that it is roads that are structurally failing that tend to get the money,” he said. “Regular inspections are carried out and defects dealt with the keep the road safe but in the current financial situation priorities have to be made.”

Mr Marr said work was due to start on the junction of Springfield Garth on January 20.