FATHER Christmas flew back into town to pick up a cheque in aid of Malton Hospital and help to announce a major investment in one of the departments.

The £105 was raised at Yates garden centre, in Railway Street, by families visiting Santa over the festive period.

Sarah Clark, from Yates, who presented the money to Jezz Kipling, chairman of the League of Friends of Malton Hospital, said: “We were delighted to contribute to the hospital’s fundraising.”

The money has gone towards a new X-ray machine at Malton Hospital. The installation of the machine and refurbishment of the department will cost about £200,000.

Jezz said: “This investment is fantastic news for patients in the Ryedale area as the new technology will allow a full range of radiographic imaging and it will reduce the time it takes patients to have an X-ray.

“We are delighted to fund this important investment and a thank you goes out to everyone – the businesses and people of Ryedale who support the League of Friends with fundraising, donations of goods to our charity shop and supporting our beloved hospital.”