TWO new breweries in Malton are to stage a beer celebration in the town to highlight the best of British brewing.

Bad Seed Brewery, which opened in July, and Brass Castle Brewery, which recently moved to the town from Pocklington, will host Beertown in March, with 25 beers from around the country.

They plan to source craft beers from around the UK, each of which will be a leading example of their respective styles.

An event spokeswoman said: “With the launch of the first Beertown event, Malton will re-assert its beer credentials and embrace the beer revolution, bringing to town some truly outstanding ales.”

Phil Saltonstall, from Brass Castle, said: “The two new breweries in the town are going to put on the type of event we would like to go to, and try to enthuse local people, building on the desire of Malton to become recognised as the food capital of Yorkshire.”

The event will be at The Milton Rooms on March 21 and 22, with tickets due to go on sale within days.

As well as beer, there will be food stalls and live music, but Mr Saltonstall said: “There will be no wine or anything like that - people will come to drink beer.”

Mr Saltonstall said: “The whole thing will be a shrine to the modern craft beer revolution.

“The UK has something good to say about beer and this will show some good examples.”

He said craft beers were those by small, artisanal producers.

Chris Waplington, from Bad Seed, said: “We have two new breweries looking to do exciting things with beer and make Malton a hub for beer. There were once three breweries in Malton and the town is becoming a beer town again. That is something we want to celebrate.”

Organisers invite enthusiasts to suggest beers they would like to see at the event. For more details, visit or tweet @beertownmalton