A WOMAN who spent Christmas living in her car with her pets has been offered a lifeline from a well-wisher.

Vanessa Cecil, 63, has been living in her two cars with her three dogs and four cats for nearly a month since she was evicted from her rented farmhouse near Helmsley.

As reported last month, Vanessa, the ex-wife of the late David Cecil, twin brother of the late racehorse trainer Sir Henry Cecil, was evicted from her rented farmhouse earlier for what she describes as “no apparent reason whatsoever”.

The former interior design business owner has now been offered a lifeline for herself and her animals in the form of a free mobile home from someone who heard of her struggle.

“People are being very kind and they are looking for places. I have a lot of friends who are looking desperately,” said Vanessa. “I have been offered a mobile home free of charge but now I need to find a piece of land to be able to put it on.”

Before Vanessa can move in to her new home, she needs permission from either the National Park Authority or Ryedale District Council, depending on where the land is, to put the mobile home on it.

But despite the news, Vanessa says she is becoming increasingly concerned over her situation and the thought she may have to live in her car for another few months.

She said: “I feel okay, but I am getting a bit concerned because I think this is going to take me quite some time.”

Vanessa, who has two daughters who live in London, said she was offered a one-bedroom house by the district council, but was unable to take all of her animals with her.

She said: “The most important thing for me was that the animals were in very good health, and they are all doing really well.

“As long as I have these wonderful animals I know I will be fine.”