NORTON Town Council has worked hard to promote and invest in the community, according to the outgoing mayor.

In her annual report, Coun Di Keal said councillors were working with local businesses to help them weather the economic climate.

She said: “Part of this drive has been to work with local business Dogtooth Designs to develop a new Norton-on-Derwent website and my thanks to Coun Ray King for all his hard work on the project and to the numerous local businesses who have supported this and other initatives during the year.”

Coun Keal said Norton Town Council had continued to work with Malton councillors on various projects including the Neighbourhood Plan, and most significantly, taking over the management of the skatepark and working with young users of the facility.

“I have enjoyed working with young people in Malton and Norton over the last year and have been impressed by their skills and talent,” she added.

“They contributed to my civic service, hopefully will become regular contributors to the website, and most significantly for me during the year, helped me to organise and took part in Malton and Norton’s Got Talent in April.”

Coun Keal said the town council was continuing to invest in the town and planned to replace some of the entrance signs into Norton.

“Once these are in place we have a commitment from the Malton and Norton Tidy Group to plant flowers in beds around them,” she said.

“I would like to thank this group for all its hard work during the year in their bid to keep litter at bay and enhance the street scene with planting schemes.”

Coun Keal also paid tribute to councillors Judith Dennis and Richard Milner who died last year.

“Before her death, Judith asked the council to plant daffodils in some of the grass verges leading into Norton for the Queen’s Jubilee celebration,” she added.

“Over the past few months, the council has done this in memory of Judith and Richard and I would like to thank Coun Hugh Spencer for leading on this project.”

Coun Keal said last month the council had taken the major decision to support the Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club and attempt to halt its sale by nominating it as an Asset of Community Value.

“The future of the building now hangs in the balance and a huge amount of hard work is needed. The town council has agreed to support this work.

“Many residents from Norton and wider Ryedale have protested at the potential loss of this much-used and needed club.”

Coun Keal added: “As mayor, it has been another very busy but enjoyable year which has seen the development of some really forward-looking and exciting plans.”


NORTON Town Council has seen a reversal of roles at the helm.

Deputy mayor Coun Ray King has been selected as mayor for the forthcoming year, while the former mayor, Coun Di Keal, will become his deputy.

Both Coun King and Coun Keal were unanimously elected by the town council.

Coun King, who owns Corks and Cans off-licence in Commercial Street, thanked Coun Keal and clerk Ros Tierney for their help and guidance during his term as deputy.

“Di puts an awful lot of time, effort and energy into the numerous societies and organisations she is associated with,” he said. “This council and the community owe her a great deal for all this work.”

Coun King said he believed they were entering a very interesting and testing time.

“We have to ensure the future of the bowling club, the operation of the skate park, CCTV, the Neighbourbood Plan and library,” he said.

“There are also the ever- increasing financial constraints to deal with.”

Coun King said that there was a great wealth of experience on Norton Town Council.

“I hope that the newer members, and indeed myself, can learn and benefit from this over the coming year,” he added.