A PLEA for information about the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence has been made on the chef’s 39th birthday.

Despite a lengthy police investigation, Claudia, of Heworth, has not been found since going missing at the age of 35 in March 2009.

Martin Dales, who is friend and spokesman for Claudia’s father Peter Lawrence, said: “Vast amounts of police time, effort and over £750,000 of public money has gone into trying to find answers and, after this length of time, they, along with family and friends, deserve to have those answers.

“So I make a further appeal to those who know these answers.

“How can you sleep at night knowing you know the answer? How can you live the lie with yourselves? Have you no feelings for those who are suffering because of your misguided silence?

“Do what you know in your heart of hearts what is right and end the misery of all those who love and care for Claudia even if you don’t.”

A book, Gone – the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence by Neil Root, is due to be published in mid March.