ORGANISERS of the Malton and Norton Christmas lights are appealing for people to contribute towards the financial cost of the display.

This Christmas, contractors were employed to put up and take down the lights following the retirement of the team of volunteers who previously took on the task.

Denys Townsend said the lights committee consisted of himself and Kevin Chilton from the business community, along with councillors Jane Ford and Paul Farndale, representing the two town councils.

“For the last 20 or so years, teams of volunteers spent many Sunday mornings in October and November putting up the lights before enjoying well-earned refreshments,” he said.

“Unfortunately, they have now all retired and the towns’ thanks go to them for all their efforts.

“Well done, you know who you are.”

Denys said last year the lights had been put up over three weeks when weather and traffic permitted.

“The flooding held them up a little but nearly all was ready in time,” he said.

“Both the Malton and Norton Christmas light switch-ons were very successful, cheerful evenings and congratulations to the two teams who organised the events.”

Denys said they were also doing everything they could to reduce the carbon footprint of the lights year-on- year, but this was initially quite expensive as new LED lighting was required to replace the normal filament lamps.

“The new display at Butcher Corner has been developed by ourselves with this in mind and we are looking to do more of this to upgrade the existing lighting in future years,” he said.

Denys said money to pay for the lights comes from contributions from the two town councils and the Fitzwilliam Malton CIC.

“These pay for about three quarters of the costs. The balance is from businesses and the public,” he said.

“Letters requesting donations are being sent out to Malton and Norton businesses and collection boxes put in supermarkets and some large shops.

“We would ask people to make a contribution, however small, to make sure we have money towards both last year’s and this year’s lights.

“We are also looking for some technical assistance in the future and for any suggestions that we could incorporate into future displays.

Anyone who would like to get involved can phone Kevin on 07960 472733 or Denys on 07740 902324.