NORTH Yorkshire Police has welcomed the outcome of an inspection into the integrity of its officers and its relationship with the media.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary carried out a nationwide check into how forces had reacted to its 2011 recommendations on avoiding undue influence, rules on accepting gifts or hospitality or second jobs, private and business use of social media and social networking sites, staff and police-journalist contacts and other areas. It found that although North Yorkshire Police had implemented several of its recommendations, it was concerned the changes had not been brought in more quickly.

Tim Madgwick, temporary chief constable, said: “North Yorkshire Police recognise the need to reassure our communities by demonstrating the integrity with which we conduct our policing operations and other business.

“The integrity-related reinspection conducted by HMIC in the summer of 2012 was welcomed by the force, and we are pleased that HMIC have recognised in the published report the progress that North Yorkshire Police have made in developing and implementing procedures guiding the actions and conduct of members of North Yorkshire Police.

“Since the HMIC’s reinspection, North Yorkshire Police have made progress in ensuring that the new and revised procedural guidance is understood and complied with by all staff.

“Working with Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, we are determined that such robust vigilance will continue.”