RYEDALE’S head of police has set a target of 100 fewer crimes by next March compared to last year.

Insp Andy Everitt told a meeting of the Ryedale area committee that he was also hoping to achieve a 30 per cent detection rate which currently stands at 28.3 per cent.

“After a busy summer period, Ryedale continues to produce a strong performance in terms of both crime reduction and reports of anti-social behaviour,” he said.

“Crime levels have reduced by a further 6.8 per cent as of November 8, on top of a 10 per cent reduction in crime last year.

“On this date, the current total crime figure for Ryedale was 962 against last year’s figure of 1,026, a reduction of 64 crimes/victims.”

Insp Everitt said violence had decreased and there were now two fewer offences compared to last year, while burglaries at properties other than dwellings remained constant with an increase of 10 offences. Thefts from vehicles were also up by six offences.

“Reports of anti-social behaviour in Ryedale have reduced by 28 per cent,” he said.

“Our beat managers and PCSOs continue to deliver excellent collaborative work with our community leaders and partners and I am sure this marked reduction in anti-social behaviour reports is as a result of everybody’s focus on causational factors.

“Criminal damage is a signal crime that is closely related to incidents of anti-social behaviour and I am happy to report that again, incidents of criminal damage are down by 68 crimes compared to last year.

“This is significant as it is these types of crimes that can have a negative impact on the quality of people’s lives.”

He added: “I continue to be impressed with the flow of information between partner agencies, elected members and the work of the Safer Ryedale Partnership in delivering actions.”

Insp Everitt said violence had now been reduced to the same level as last year, with the initial rise earlier in the year attributable to night time economy violence in Malton.

A licensing review of the King’s Head in Malton had resulted in a marked reduction in incidents of public disorder around the pub.

Insp Everitt added that the focus now was on the festive season.

“Christmas shop theft plans are now in place and we will be robustly supporting the force drink/drive campaign. Crime reduction continues to be our focus,” he said.

County Coun Stephen Shaw (Cons), who represents Norton, told the meeting he was delighted with Insp Everitt’s report and initatives.

“We don’t know how lucky we are to live in this area and the police are clearly doing something right,” he said.