CHILDREN sang a song for lost loved ones as they rehearsed for a new carol service in York.

Organiser of the Missing People Northern Carol Service, Peter Lawrence – father of York chef Claudia Lawrence who disappeared in 2009, attended the dress rehearsal at Headlands Primary School, in Haxby.

The children’s choir will lead the service, on Monday, December 10, at St Chad’s Church, opposite York Racecourse, from 2.30pm.

It follows The Press’s Absent Friends carol service which was held in 2009.

As a patron for the Missing People charity, Mr Lawrence wanted to organise a carol service for those who cannot attend the national charity’s annual service in London.

The congregation will pray for those who are missing, and will play host to their families.

Mr Lawrence said invitations were being sent out but encouraged anyone who wanted to attend.

He said: “It will mean people are together in the lead-up to Christmas. The readings are geared to the families of missing people.

“It’s not just for Claudia. If they are like me it means something to be with other families.

“The main thing is that all the families of missing people in the north of England, whether they are here or not, will be remembered.”

Mr Lawrence, who has championed the rights of missing people’s families since his daughter disappeared, is currently campaigning for landmark legislation to help the families struggling with the aftermath of a loved one’s disappearance. The Presumption of Death Bill, intended to cut red tape around the affairs of those missing and presumed dead, could go through Parliament as early as Easter.