THE man accused of a murder in Whitby and another in Middlesbrough has told a court he would admit to the killings if he was shown one substantial bit of evidence.

James Allen also admitted at Newcastle Crown Court that he has robbed hotels all his life.

Allen, 36, is accused of murdering Julie Davison, 50, in Whitby and Colin Dunford, 81, in April this year.

The prosecution, who say he was motivated by robbery, continued their cross-examination of him.

Robert Smith QC, asked the defendant why he had tried to stay in a hostel for free in Whitby.

Allen, who denies the charges, replied: “I did not want to pay for it as I was going to rob the place. I have robbed hotels all my life.”

Allen continued to respond angrily to Mr Smith’s questioning, saying: “You are a proper crank you are mate. You are in the wrong profession.”

He went on to say to the court that he would admit to the murders if Mr Smith would give him one substantial piece of evidence. He said: “If you can show any substantial bit of evidence I will admit it to you right now.

“Here’s your chance, I’m giving you an opportunity, show me one bit of evidence and I will admit it to the press now.”

When Mr Smith questioned Allen about Mr Dunford, he said he had liked him. He said: “I liked Colin Dunford, he was a decent old bat that lived next door.”

But he said Mr Dunford had nothing worth stealing.

“Why would I kill him when I could go to a shop that has 20 to 30 times more.”

Allen also threatened to throw a ring binder of evidence at Mr Smith and said he would show his “dark side”.

The trial was adjourned until today.