A man accused of killing a woman in Whitby and a man in Middlesbrough has denied the charges and said: “100 per cent, I have not killed anybody”.

James Allen, 36, is accused of murdering Julie Davison, 50, Colin Dunford, 81, and in April. Allen, who the prosecution alleges was motivated by robbery, gave evidence at Newcastle Crown Court.

Rod Hunt, defending, asked about the prosecution case against him and Allen said he found it annoying.

He said: “It’s annoying and they are full of s***. I did not see Colin Dunford, not once after I borrowed his mobile phone.”

He said: “They keep saying I’m responsible for these murders but despite all the forensics they found no blood on me ... there would have been transfer of blood, but there was nothing ever found. I know 100 per cent I have not killed anybody or been in those properties.”

The court heard that Allen had been accused of rape which was why he had left Middlesbrough before travelling to Whitby. During cross-examination, Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, asked Allen about a jacket which a witness said she saw him wearing and which had blood spots on it. Allen said if he was guilty he would have disposed of it.

The trial continues.