IF ever there was an example of how food and drink, positive thinking and hard work can transform a building, then look no further than Brass Castle Brewery in Malton.

If you haven’t visited their new tap house in Yorkersgate, you should, it’s a masterpiece.

Based in what is not Malton’s finest building “architecturally”, Phil and Ian and the Brass Castle team were undeterred, setting out their vision for a “new” type of pub.

Relaxed and stylish, the floor, walls, seats and the bar itself are all made out of those thick dependable wooden boards that make you immediately feel calm. The place has the soothing quality of an old chalet in the hip-style of a New York loft. It wouldn’t feel out of place in trendy Brick Lane, East London.

With a few warehouse style metal seats, original lighting, malt bags as cushions and even chickpea tins as lampshades, they have created a truly original space in the heart of Malton. And we haven’t even got to the beer yet.

When Phil started brewing in his garage some years ago, I bet even he wouldn’t have guessed they would pick up so many national awards. Seventy awards in the last few years I am told by the fab Michelle, who runs the tap house.

Here’s a shortlist - Helles Lager with its light refreshing Munich-style won UK national champion lager. So that’s the very best lager in the whole of the UK. Made in Malton - no big deal then.

Bad Kitty is a robust fulsome dark porter enhanced with vanilla, which seems to win an award somewhere in the country almost every weekend.

And of course there’s also my pick Sunshine, a 5.7 per cent full-bodied IPA. For this citrus, hoppy, grapefruit scented champion they use traditional top-cropping house yeast to create a North Yorkshire version of the US West Coast style.

Sunshine is a world beater, and while all the Brass Castle beers are delicious (Tail Gunner, Northern Blonde and Three Chimps to name but a few) this is the one for me.

What gives me heart and a little confidence about the future of Malton is that some years ago the building which now houses Brass Castle Brewery was more or less unused.

Now, with the expertise and passion of the Brass Castle team, that building and the area around it are being given a shot of energy, creativity and talent.

In short Brass Castle Brewery are just another example of why Malton is changing fast.

And back in the tap house, I have to mention my favourite bit of décor, the very stylish Brass Castle Brewery neon sign in the window. Tracey Emin eat your heart out.

Brass Castle, I salute you, and it seems, so do the UK beer judges too.

And folks in other news - Malton Monthly Food Market will be back on Saturday, April 8 with some fantastic stalls, live demonstrations, street food and trips to Talbot Yard Food Court.

I’ll be running a food tour and Malton will be jumping, see you there.