THIS month I would like to do a bit of a round-up of what’s been happening recently in Malton.

We had a busy September and have an even busier autumn to come.

First of all I want to thank all those volunteers who worked so hard during the Game and Seafood Fest.

Wasn’t it incredible having Antonio Carluccio here in Malton again? As well as being the godfather of Italian cuisine, he does seem a bit like the adopted godfather of Malton too.

Antonio last visited the town some four years ago and what a pleasure it was to be able to introduce him to some of the new Made in Malton producers in Talbot Yard and elsewhere. As a champion of local food he adored Butterbees, Britain’s first butter boutique and I caught him tasting some gelato with Michelle at Groovy Moo. It’s not every day a global foodie megastar visits your business, but then this is magical Malton.

I have some developing news on Malton’s September festival. After consultation with visitors and traders it seems that we should be more descriptively inclusive with what we offer.

So from next September the Game and Seafood Fest will become Malton Harvest Food Festival. We will still feature game and seafood but this change of name will allow us to develop other aspects of the festival to include even more delights such as soft fruit, vegetables, baking, pies, rolls, pastries and an increasingly popular choice - vegetarian food.

The Harvest Food Festival will feature the finest late summer and autumn produce from all over Yorkshire. Truly a harvest of God’s own county.

September has seen the opening of a fab little off-licence in Market Street which, by the way, is starting to look like one of chicest roads in Malton.

McMillan’s, run by James McMillan, is really much more than just a booze shop; James is an owner who really cares and importantly he knows his stuff. I cannot recommend McMillan’s highly enough for some truly sensational whiskeys, gins and countless other warming eau de vie. With winter coming, this is the place to find something special to warm the cockles for sure.

You might have noticed the Green Man buildings in Market Street have been given a bit of a facelift and I hope this isn’t too much of a shock. I personally think the new blues and pinks are very cheerful colours but I am keen to hear what others think too. It does show me the potential for buildings that were once a bit sad looking but can now play a new and inspiring role in town.

On October 8 Malton Monthly Food Market returns showcasing a fantastic array of autumn produce with live demos and music. On the same day there is also a “Made in Malton Food Tour” which I am leading and if that wasn’t enough Ryedale Book Festival takes place all weekend.

Magical Malton has a few more surprises in store in the coming months, so watch this space.