Cycle ride at Stamford Bridge

Gazette & Herald: The historic bridge at Stamford Bridge is the start of the ridePicture: Brian Beadle

4:25pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

Try our latest cycle route.

Cycle ride at Swaledale

Gazette & Herald: (9254339)

4:46pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

In the middle of the nineteenth century mining was big business in the Yorkshire Dales. Lead was mined in several areas and none were more prolific than the mines around Swaledale and Arkengarthdale.

43 fantastic Yorkshire bike rides

Gazette & Herald:

Inspired by the Tour de France? Why not try one of these.....?

Cycle ride from Market Weighton

Gazette & Herald: The church at North Newbald is full of character

2:02pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

SNOWDEN DUNHILL was orphaned as a young boy; he lived on the Yorkshire Wolds in the 18th

Cycle ride around Hovingham

Gazette & Herald: Brian Beadle April cycle ride around the Hovingham area. The village of Great Edstone is along the wayPicture: Brian Beadle

3:00pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

IN the 18th century in the fertile Vale of Pickering, a rather strange crop was being grown, a crop which caused much controversy depending how near to York you lived. This crop was tobacco.

Cycle ride from Norton

Gazette & Herald: The ruins of Kirkham Priory rest on the bank of the River Derwent

2:57pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

If you walk in a straight line from Malton to Flamborough you will have walked over soil which is scattered with the bones of dead men.

Cycle ride at Skipsea

Gazette & Herald: This memorial is a sculpture in metal of seven figures in silhouette representing bomber crews of 158 Squadron

8:00am Wednesday 19th February 2014

WITH its four Rolls Royce Merlin engines at full throttle, a Halifax bomber picks up speed along the runway. With heavy bombs in its belly it needs most of the 1,900- yard runway before lifting off into the sky heading for its German target.

Circular cycle ride from Hunmanby via Rudston

Gazette & Herald: Across the graveyard to Rudston church

8:00am Wednesday 15th January 2014

HIDING in the shrubbery near the crossroads in the tiny village of Fordon on the Yorkshire Wolds is a quaint church. It is renowned as the smallest church in regular use across the whole of Yorkshire.

Cycle ride at Bedale

Gazette & Herald: The church and war memorial which is situated at the top of Bedale

8:00am Wednesday 18th December 2013

LEECHES are usually thought of as disgusting, slimy, black bloodsuckers that were used in medieval days to extract blood from the human body.

Cycle ride at Borrowdale in the Lake District

Gazette & Herald: The hamlet of Seatoller is at the foot of the Honister Pass and is the start of the ride

5:00pm Friday 22nd November 2013

THIS month we visit the Lake District for an exciting ride along Borrowdale to the tiny Hamlet of Watendlath which is hidden away out of sight behind Grange Fell.

Cycle ride into Cleveland and Battersby Junction

Gazette & Herald: Commondale is along the route and is in a deep valley on the moors, and below, a train from Whitby on its way to Battersby Junction. Picture: Brian Beadle

3:25pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

Battersby Junction, once known as Ingleby Junction, was the focal point for connecting rail traffic from Stockton, Northallerton, Middlesbrough and Whitby.

Cycle ride from Reasty

Gazette & Herald: Broxa village, in the  distance, where demons fly. Pictures: Brian Beadle

8:00am Wednesday 18th September 2013

IT was believed in medieval times that demonic creatures flew the night skies looking for prey to satisfy their lust for blood, usually human.

Cycle ride at Bridlington

Gazette & Herald: Bridlington Priory in all its glory

8:00am Wednesday 17th July 2013

ON a high piece of land overlooking the Yorkshire coast a group of Saxons built their tiny wooden church.

Cycle ride from Malton

Gazette & Herald: The road to Malton, once an inland  port

9:00am Wednesday 15th May 2013

MALTON, as we know it today, is a bustling market town renowned for good food, friendly old-fashioned shops and a rich heritage of trade in its markets.

Cycle ride from Robin Hood's Bay to Grosmont

Gazette & Herald: The outstanding view across Robin Hood’s Bay which you can enjoy on this cycle ride

8:00am Wednesday 17th April 2013

THE Old Church of St Stephen of Fylingdales stands on a hill as you leave Robin Hood’s Bay travelling north at the junction of the B1447 and a minor road leading to the village of Raw.

Cycle ride at Skipwith

Gazette & Herald: Wressle Castle, left, was once a magnificent castle but this facade is all that remains

4:27pm Wednesday 20th March 2013

HARRY HOTSPUR was the nickname of Sir Henry Percy. He was the eldest son of Henry, the 1st Earl of Northumberland.

Cycle ride at Stokesley

Gazette & Herald: Horse riders take a trip through Stokesley

8:00am Wednesday 20th February 2013

MANY years ago, our land was at the mercy of the wizards and witches who roamed the hills and dales of Yorkshire, generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Cycle ride from Helmsley to Bransdale

Gazette & Herald: A walker enjoys the view from Cowhouse Bank across Bransdale

9:00am Wednesday 16th January 2013

APPROXIMATELY five miles north of Helmsley is the isolated community of East Moors.

Cycle ride at Haworth

Gazette & Herald: There are many reservoirs in the Pennines, none more stimulating than the Ponden Reservoir

10:20am Wednesday 19th December 2012

WHAT can I say about the village of Haworth? Not much, if you take away the Brontës and a grubby, cobbled street.

Cycle ride to Sledmere

Gazette & Herald: The facts Distance – 28miles/45km Terrain – Undulating roads Best map – OS Landranger 101 & 106 Start/grid ref – Driffield, grid ref: 025580 Refreshments – Pubs along the way, café at Sledmere, lots of choice in Driffield Public toilets – Dri

9:30am Wednesday 21st November 2012

WHEN riding across the Yorkshire Wolds to the west of Driffield you will see a magnificent tower dominating the skyline.

Cycle ride at Hutton-le-Hole

Gazette & Herald: Church Houses nestled on the dales

10:10am Wednesday 17th October 2012

AROUND the year 1648, George Fox expressed his religious dreams and faiths to the country people.

Cycle ride from Driffield to Watton Abbey

Gazette & Herald: Cycle ride from Driffield to Watton Abbey

2:46pm Thursday 20th September 2012

ONE of the oldest ecclesiastical houses in the county, Watton Abbey, was a nunnery in the eighth century.

Cycle ride at Stamford Bridge

Gazette & Herald: The pretty village of Bishop Wilton

11:00am Wednesday 15th August 2012

THE great battle of Stamford Bridge is well documented, the bloodshed, the pain and the victory.

Cycle ride at Castle Howard Arboretum

Gazette & Herald: The lake at the Arboretum at Castle Howard is teeming with wildlife

11:00am Wednesday 18th July 2012

Castle Howard ArboretumCastle Howard Arboretum2086132

Cycle ride around the Sykes’ churches in the Yorkshire Wolds

Gazette & Herald: VIEW: The grand scenery of the Wolds around Helperthorpe

9:00am Wednesday 20th June 2012

SIR Tatton Sykes 4th Baronet and Sir Tatton Sykes 5th Baronet were responsible for the financing of the building or restoring of almost 20 churches on or around the Yorkshire Wolds.

Lealholm cycle ride

Gazette & Herald: The village of Lealholm

2:56pm Wednesday 16th May 2012

THE humble gooseberry bush will give you heavy crops of fruit which can be used in many different ways.

Kildale cycle ride

Gazette & Herald: The medieval road across Rudland Rigg

10:50am Wednesday 25th April 2012

KILDALE village was once renowned for growing turnips.

Cycle ride at Settle in the Yorkshire Dales

Gazette & Herald: The approach to Settle takes you through grand fells which tower above the town

3:49pm Thursday 22nd March 2012

SETTLE in the Yorkshire Dales lies low in the valley on the east bank of the River Ribble and there is a naked man lurking in the town.

Sinnington cycle ride

Gazette & Herald: The church at Sinnington

9:40am Wednesday 15th February 2012

WHAT secrets could human bones reveal which have been found buried on the hillside of a Ryedale village?

Cycle ride: Runswick Bay, Staithes and Scaling Dam

Gazette & Herald: The start of the ride is from Runswick Bay with its impossible clutter of houses.

9:00am Wednesday 18th January 2012

THE North York Moors is not renowned for Lake District-type features but one hidden gem that mimics the Lakes in miniature is a narrow road which runs across a ridge with steep precipices on either side, as does Striding Edge on Helvellyn, the difference being about 900 metres in height.

Cycle ride in The Wolds

Gazette & Herald: The elaborately decorated St Michael’s and All Angel’s, a Norman church at Garton

3:11pm Wednesday 21st December 2011

Spotting the extinct Bustard in its old haunt on the wolds

Cycle ride at Barnard Castle

Gazette & Herald: The ruin of the Castle at Barnard Castle stands in the town overlooking the River Tees.

10:00am Wednesday 16th November 2011

FAMOUS for its imposing castle overlooking the River Tees, Barnard Castle was a stronghold of some of the most ruthless families in England.

Cycle ride near Braithwaite

Gazette & Herald: Derwent Fells as you descend from the summit of Newlands Pass

1:17pm Wednesday 21st September 2011

Wherever there are mountains there are passes and our glorious Lakeland has both in abundance.

Sleightholme Dale cycle ride

Gazette & Herald: Beautiful Sleightholme Dale emerging from winter,

4:34pm Wednesday 17th August 2011

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, was described as a licentious, unscrupulous rake and spent most of his time as a courtier womanising, drinking and generally having a jolly good time doing nothing useful.

Cycle ride near Sutton Bank

Gazette & Herald: Boltby village lies nestled in the hillside, and right, Felixkirk church

3:39pm Wednesday 20th July 2011

Nestling on the western slopes of the Hambleton Hills lies a village that derives its name from Felix, one of a band of wandering monks who settled in these parts.

Cycle ride at Hornsea Mere

Gazette & Herald: Hornsea Mere from where the cycle ride starts

3:16pm Thursday 16th June 2011

NOT far from Yorkshire’s east coast lies Wassand Hall, a little known house with an air of peace and tranquillity.

Cycle ride on the North York Moors

Gazette & Herald: Danby church

3:59pm Wednesday 18th May 2011

MANY of the old roads and pannierways on the North York Moors have a secret to tell about their history and the people who lived and worked near them.

Cycle ride near Pickering Castle

Gazette & Herald: The view across Farndale to the moors where Jenny Bradley probably roamed

2:54pm Wednesday 20th April 2011

WHEN walking or cycling across the moors I am always thrilled at the number of old crosses, stones and boundary markers that have stood for hundreds of years among this wild and unforgiving environment.

Cycle ride from Hovingham to Newburgh Priory

Gazette & Herald: Newburgh Priory has a fabulous water garden walk to enjoy

4:06pm Wednesday 16th March 2011

Newburgh Priory is a house full of surprises. Originally an Augustinian order, it was founded in the 12th century. After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538, the priory and its lands were bought by the Bellasis family.

Cycle ride around Pateley Bridge

Gazette & Herald: Pateley Bridge nestles in the hillside

11:13am Thursday 17th February 2011

Pateley Bridge, situated on the banks of the River Nidd, is built on a steep hillside. It has only one important street, aptly named High Street, as it rises from the bridge across the Nidd.

Cycle ride around Whitby

Gazette & Herald: Whitby Harbour and the River Esk with the Golden Grove in the distance.

11:43am Thursday 20th January 2011

Australia Day is on January 26 and commemorates the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove and the hoisting of the British flag.

Cycle ride around Bolton by Bowland

Gazette & Herald: The approach to Newton in Bowland

11:52am Thursday 16th December 2010

Bolton Hall in the Ribble Valley was the home of the Pudsay family in the 15th century, and it was in 1464 that Sir Ralph Pudsay took the risk of hiding the Lancastrian King Henry VI, who was fleeing from his Yorkshire enemies after the defeat at the Battle of Hexham. Sir Ralph was quite a character having three wives and 25 children.

Cycle ride around Pocklington

Gazette & Herald: Bielby Church, the walls of which reveal many secrets, including a skeleton

3:40pm Wednesday 17th November 2010

Lands to the west of the Yorkshire Wolds, near Pocklington, seem flat and uninteresting to the traveller, but look a little deeper and you will find many interesting features.

Cycle ride from Helmsley to Caydale Mill

Gazette & Herald: Ashberry Farm is along the way to Caydale Mill

3:30pm Thursday 21st October 2010

IN a deep, secluded valley on the edge of the Hambleton Hills you will find a taste of paradise as you cycle along to Caydale Mill.

Cycle ride at Kirkham Priory

Gazette & Herald: The gate of Kirkham Priory, which is adjacent to the bridge where the bird fair took place.

9:00am Wednesday 15th September 2010

KIRKHAM Priory was built in memory of the son of Walter l’Espec who was killed when his horse threw him near Kirkham.

Cycle ride around Burton Constable Hall in East Yorkshire

Gazette & Herald: The breathtaking Burton Constable Hall

3:00pm Monday 23rd August 2010

THE Constable family of Burton Constable are descended from a Norman knight called Ulbert the Constable. They have been in possession of land at Holderness in East Yorkshire since the 12th century.

Cycle ride around the Dales in Brompton, near Northallerton

Gazette & Herald: The village of Brompton which was at the centre of the linen-making industry

12:38pm Thursday 22nd July 2010

IN the 17th century, country folk in the Yorkshire Dales took up profitable pastimes to supplement a living from their farms.

Cycle ride around Guisborough

Gazette & Herald: Lockwood Reservoir is an oasis on the moors

12:22pm Thursday 17th June 2010

IN 1804 the township of Tocketts belonged to the township of Guisborough, but even in the 1960s not many people knew of the existence of Tocketts.

Cycle ride at Sheriff Hutton

Gazette & Herald: This quaint church is along the way at Whenby and  welcomes visitors. The half-castellated church has many interesting features and once belonged to the Nuns at Moxby Priory

12:23pm Thursday 20th May 2010

ON the north-east border of the great Forest of Galtres lay the tiny settlements of Marton in the Forest and Moxby, sometimes called Marton with Moxby.

Cycle ride in the Yorkshire Wolds - Kilham, Burton Agnes and Ruston Parva

Gazette & Herald: Kilham Church which had a history of unruly parishoners in Elizabethan times

11:58am Tuesday 4th May 2010

THE village of Ruston Parva lies nestled on the Yorkshire Wolds midway between Bridlington and Driffield.

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