DANIEL McEvoy is an Irish ex-soldier who now works as a bouncer in a New Jersey strip club.

One evening his girlfriend, Connie, is found dead in the club’s car park and Dan’s only friend, Zeb Kronski, has gone missing. Life has a habit of jumping from one surreal situation to another for Dan and when he tries to uncover the truth he finds himself teamed up with a tough female cop who is hunting a ruthless drug dealer, and discovers that his psychotic neighbour thinks that he is her ex-husband.

Among all this, Dan’s main worry is his hair loss.

This unusual thriller will have you both gripped and laughing out loud. We can only admire the skill of the author in making the unique story-telling rise above the coarse language of the seedy side of America and enabling us to be totally involved with Dan, our hero who narrates the story. It is great fun.