THIS charming story tells of how a kitten, rescued from brutal children in the slums of New Delhi by the Dalai Lama, comes to be an important player in the life of a Himalayan community, observing the life around her, meeting important guests, and helping to transform the lives of those around her.

HHC, Rinpoche or Little Snow Lion as she is known, hears great wisdom and sees how Buddhist practices make for a calmer and happier life.

Author David Machie shows us how a loving and peaceful existence can help to alter the troubles of a changing world; where we are led to contemplate our own existence and our relationships to others.

To become enlightened like all great Buddhists is a hard and long journey that never really ends and this book introduces us to only its basics as seen through the author’s beautiful observations and imaginings of a cat. I read and contemplated one chapter a night and slept so much better for it.

This book could certainly alter your life for the better. It is a treasure to be read time and time again.