NORTH Riding Education Committee is giving full support to the Service of Youth Organisation, which, as recommended by the Board of Education, will provide all young people from the age of 14 to 20 with an opportunity to take their share in National Service.

The surprising aspect of last week’s debate in the Education Committee was not that Alderman Sturdy’s amendment seeks to refer back the proposal to establish community youth groups should have been defeated, but that this opposition should have been forthcoming.

The problem of juvenile delinquency, so acute in the last war, must not be allowed again.

The Board of Education circular emphasises the importance of providing boys and girls with opportunities for service and strongly recommends the formation of the Youth Service Corps.

The North Riding has been one of the first areas to go ahead with this youth endeavour; and it should continue to go ahead, treating the matter as one of urgency.

• THE warning notes of the air raid sirens have become familiar to most of us during the past few months, and many sarcastic names have been given to it.

This calls to mind, many years ago, when Malton’s buzzer was first installed to summon the local fire brigade.

It was inaugurated in the days when the late Mr Robert Richardson was superintendent of the brigade.

Mr Richardson was the owner of a stentorian voice and perhaps it was this fact which led a local wag to christen it ‘Beltering Bob’. As such, it was known for many years.

When the war came, other means of summoning the brigade had to be adopted, and now the general public are unaware when a fire takes place unless they see the brigade turn out.

• THE widespread esteem in which the late Lord Baden-Powell was held was illustrated by the large attendance at the memorial services held on Sunday.

Malton shared in the national tribute and there was a good muster of Scouts, Guides and the general public.

There are many people who remember the visit of the hero of Mafeking to Malton when he opened the Malton Rifle Club range in Water-lane and the Scout movement soon obtained a good hold, not only in Malton and Norton, but throughout the district.

From the Malton Gazette and Malton Messenger, Friday, January 24, 1941