SCARBOROUGH Museums Trust is calling on local people to share their memories of and opinions on the town.

The results will be used to expand the records the trust holds on the town by developing more oral history resources.

The project will focus on contributions to input into the museum trust’s national Seaside Heritage Network, which was launched in 2015 and aims to

develop knowledge around seaside heritage.

The trust is looking for people in Scarborough willing to talk with oral historian Roger Hopkin about their views, opinions and memories of living in Scarborough.

The talks will be sound recorded and should take less than an hour to complete.

Individuals, couples and groups are invited to put their names forward to respond to questions about what they think of living in the town; what changes they have witnessed in the nature and appearance of Scarborough over the years; and what their memories of and views on the town´s tourist experience have been.

There will be pictures to look at as prompts.

People will also be asked their opinions about what Scarborough is like out of season, and what they think are the main needs and issues affecting the town now. The aim is to collect the views, opinions and memories of local people during their lifetimes, and to hold an exhibition based on the outcomes later this year.

Roger Hopkin said: “We’re also working on a project about memories of Rowntree’s store, which stood on the main street where the Brunswick Pavilion is now, with a special focus on memories of its café.

“Also in the pipeline is another project on sport in Scarborough, including cricket, football, hockey and rugby (union and league), as well as a host of other sports in which the town has excelled.

“So come on, Scarborough – great place, great people, great memories - please get involved.”

Anyone interested in contributing an hour to any of the above projects is asked to phone Roger Hopkin on 07752 804189 or email