THIS month's feature by Malton Camera Club focuses on the work of two of the group's newest members.

Helen and Will Smith joined the camera club last year and have already produced some excellent and interesting shots. Popular places around Yorkshire feature heavily in their pictures, but they are both interested in trying out new techniques and styles of photography.

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Will’s shots

1 Humber Bridge. A different view from underneath. The light was just right and I will visit this area again.

2 Rowing boats at Knaresborough. The boats were moored up in near perfect composition and the colours are striking.

3 Waterfall, Richmond. The fast flowing water over the rocks, with the houses above the tree line made this for me.

4 Fountains Abbey. The different angles and colours in the stone, the long shadows and the reflection in the water made this an interesting shot.

Helen’s shots

5 Aysgarth Falls. My first attempt at trying to capture some movement of the water – I was pleasantly surprised by the colours that came through too.

6 Eye. An extension tube promised me I could take a macro shot without spending hundreds of pounds on a special lens – the end result was this fun shot with my reflection showing nicely in my daughter's eye.

7 Lavender. I hate the scent but love the colour of lavender.

8 I grew up on a farm and love all things countryside. This combine was in the perfect spot. The photo reminds me of days spent riding in the combine with my dad back in the 1980s.