ARTISTIC talents of students at Lady Lumley's School in Pickering was displayed at their annual art and photography exhibition

The GCSE and A-level art exhibition was held at school to celebrate the work produced by the pupils as part of their coursework.

Art teacher Peter McGrath said: "The display comprised of GCSE and A-level art work as well as A-level photography. Visitors commented on the wide range of investigations and originality of the work on show.

"From an impossible running tap, shadow art, film and experimental photography, as well as traditional painting, the art students have explored an amazing and diverse range of possibilities.

"This is a true reflection of the ability of our students and we are proud in an ever increasing competitive environment for schools that we allow our students to freely and independently produce art work which reflects their interests and experiences.

"We are particularly proud that one of our students, Harry Oyston, who has been invited to present the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu with a framed photorealistic portrait that he produced after meeting him earlier in the year."