MY nostalgic hankering for another camper van may have taken a knock after the few days we have just had in friend’s caravan in North Wales.

Situated in the corner of a grass field, this was a real trip back in time for us. Many years ago, when the children, now both mothers themselves, were very young, we had a VW camper van. The real deal. Orange and white. Elevated roof with a bed space for Bryony. Back seat where Jo’s cot went.

I have a vivid memory of driving on the motorway and glimpsing a beaming Jo in my rear view mirror, swaying back and forth in her basket cot after just discovering she could pull herself upright.

Then it did not seem to matter on camping holidays that space was cramped. Facilities limited. Luxury zilch. Now I do seek a trifle more comfort. But this week we have been back in 1980s time again, both in style and living facilities. Quite a time warp leap.

The purpose of the visit was ostensibly to check out sheep and fences for the friend whose caravan we were staying in.

My friend was hoping that her sheep would be in lamb, but none of the nine were. No sight or mention of a tup with the flock either, a minor detail and top of the list of reasons why all the sheep were barren.

The tenant in the cottage has been worried that the sheep were on their knees for much of the time and wondered if their feet needed trimming. But on examination their feet were fine, no need for trimming in case grass got in between the cleat in their hooves.

The rich pasture, however, had contributed to the scald and this was the probable reason why the sheep preferred sometimes to graze virtually lying down. In fact, the quantity of grass was a root cause of the problem. Too much grass and too few sheep. It needed topping off either with a tractor or allowing cattle into graze. Neither of which options were within our grasp. Nor did we have any tackle with us to sort out some fencing issues.

So all in all we were pretty useless. Quick to point out what needed doing, but no way of doing anything about it.

But we did have the option of taking advantage of the glorious weather, beautiful beaches and spectacular bird life. Our accommodation might have been spartan and a trifle cramped, but we loved it. The camper van is off the wish list though.