THE annual Michaelmas breeding sheep sale in Malton has been hailed a great success.

The event, which took place on a Friday (September 29) for the first time, saw many buyers at the ring side, with breeding Rams, in particular,very much in demand.

The judge for the day Raymond Twiddle, of Knapton, who had the difficult task of placing the show classes and awarded the trophies in the various classes to the following:

The R Farnell Memorial Trophy for the champion Suffolk Ram in the show was awarded MT Bulmer, Salton which was later sold to Paul Lockey, Hackness for 620 guineas. The WA Cundall Perpetual Challenge Cup for the Champion Texel Ram in the show was awarded to H.Bulmer, Salton which was later sold to ML Dawson, Crayke for 750 guineas. The Boulton & Cooper Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the champion Charollais Ram in the show was awarded to C.W. Marwood, Whenby which was later sold for 500 guineas,

List of show classes and buyers is as follows:

Best pen of Suffolk Cross Gimmer Shearlings

1st RA & B Robinson & Sons, Hutton Buscel – sold for £155 to Morley Bros, Fylingdales; 2nd W Clubley & Son, Middleton on the Wolds-sold for £140 to Philip Bannister, Butterwick; 3rd R Byas, Kilham – sold for £140 to GM & JP Midgley, Kirby Underdale.

Best Suffolk X Mule Gimmer shearlings

1st R & L Jackson, West Ayton, - sold for £125.00 to Wytherstone Farms; 2nd Ashcroft Farms, Millington Sold for £110.00 to Wytherstone Farms; 3rd Ashcroft Farms – sold for £128.00 to C Buckton, Rise.

Best pen of Texel x Gimmer Shearlings

1st T Field, Boynton– sold for £155.00 to ML Dawson, Crayke; 2nd FA Burton, Cottam – sold for £165.00 to FAO Wardell & Son, Westow; 3rd JS & B Pease, Heslerton – sold for £122 to H & CL Dale, Skirpenbeck.

Best pen of Mule shearlings

1st Ashcroft Farms, Millington – sold for £117; 2nd DW Armitage & Son – sold for £110.00 to GR & E Hull, Appleton; 3rd W & L Thompson, Middleton sold for £106 to D Lewis Kettleness.

Best Suffolk Shearling Ram

1st MT Bulmer, Salton – sold for 620g to Paul Lockey, Hackness; 2nd PR Wilkinson, Fadmoor – sold for 640g; 3rd PR Wilkinson, Fadmoor – sold for 580g to W Curtis, Kirkbymoorside.

Best Suffolk Ram Lamb

1st AE Glaves, Brompton – sold for 350g to Mr Foster; 2nd JT & EA Midgley, Kirbyunderdale – sold for 480g; 3rd MT Bulmer, Salton – sold for 540g to D Wass, Sinnington.

Best Texel Shearling Ram

1st H Bulmer, Salton – sold for 750g to NL Dawson, Crayke; 2nd BW Glaves, Brompton – sold for 700g to GD Warters & Son, Flixton; 3rd H & CW Burkill, Harpham – sold for 280g to P. Beal, Settrington.

Best Texel Ram Lamb

1st DA & H Piclkles, Green Hammerton – sold for 200g to SW Russell.

Best Charollais Shearling Ram

1st CW Marwood, Whenby – sold for 500g; 2nd S Hunter, Hunmanby – sold for 450g to K Wilson, Ryton; 3rd S Hunter, Hunmanby – sold for 450g to S Eddon, Cropton.

Best Charollais Ram lamb

1st C.W Marwood, Whenby – sold for 350g to R Driver; 2nd CW Marwood, Whenby; 3rd C Dougherty, Kirbymisperton- sold for 310g to RJ Kelsey.

Forward 1556 Breeding Sheep. Draft Ewes to £54 – C Pickering, Thornton Dale; Suffolk x Ewes to £130 – G.M Stephenson & Son, Flixton (Av £102); Suffolk x Gimmer Shearlings to £160 – RA & B Robinson & Son, Hutton Buscel (Av £138); Texel x Gimmer Shearlings to £165 – FA Burton & Son, Cottam (Av £115); Texel Ewes to £92 – GM Stephenson & Son, Flixton (Av £88); Mule Shearlings to £150 – FA Burton & Son, Cottam (Av £112); Suffolk shearling rams to 640g – PR Wilkinson, Fadmoor; Suffolk ram lambs to 600g – from JT & EA Midgley, Kirby Underdale; Texel shearling rams to 860g - from H Bulmer, Salton; Charollais shearling rams to 500g from CW Marwood, Whenby.