A HOST of MPs and Peers from across Yorkshire and the North East joined the NFU in Westminster to celebrate this year’s Back British Farming Day.

About 160 MPs took part nationally. Locally, 18 MPs and two members of the House of Lords put their name to a 10-point pledge designed to ensure that post-Brexit a productive, pro?table and progressive farming sector is able to continue making a significant contribution to the rural economy.

The pledge focuses on the importance of food security and maintaining the high production standards for which British farmers are renowned.

It also urges MPs to ensure the industry is able to secure reliable and competent workers, and reinforce farmers’ role in managing and protecting the environment.

Looking ahead, it highlights the need to maintain the best possible access to existing trading relationships inside the EU and further afield and calls for policies to be science and evidence-based.

Throughout the day, local MPs and Peers representing rural areas and inner-city constituencies wore special handmade wheat and wool lapel badges.

These could be seen during the televised coverage of Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons.

Adam Bedford, regional director for the NFU in Yorkshire and the North East, said: “Back British Farming Day provided us with the perfect opportunity to talk to MPs across the political parties to try and ensure that any decisions taken in Parliament reflect the strategic importance of the British food and farming sector.

“The challenge is to demonstrate the value of farming and the wider agri-food sector to MPs charged with making key decisions that will affect the fortunes of local businesses as we progress with Brexit negotiations. We must ensure that farming in this country has a thriving future outside of the EU.

“We are delighted to have had the chance to meet so many of our regional MPs and Peers in Westminster last week and hope to have the opportunity to work more closely with them in the coming months – showcasing what a wonderful industry we have and how they can help ensure a vibrant future for a wide range of businesses that together create jobs and wealth for our region.”