LAST year's X Factor finalists 'Rough Copy’ dropped into The Yard in Malton at the weekend to take on one of the bar’s new food challenges.

The boys, Kazeem, Joey and Sterling, were on their way to an open air concert at Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

They spent time with customers and staff members trying out their hand behind the bar, playing darts and tackling the new ‘Hot wings, Inferno challenge’, a super-sized bucket of the hottest wings.

The boys said: “The new menu set us up for the day, it was our first time in Malton and we loved the place and the people”

Amy Milner, from The Yard, said they were lovely guys,.

"They even kindly said the chicken wings were the best they had ever tasted," she added.

"They were really down to earth and were happy signing autographs and having pictures taken with customers and members of staff."