PICKERING Sixties Festival is in danger of folding unless more volunteers come forward to help run the event.

Originally run by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway , the festival was expanded seven years ago when a group of sixties music enthusiasts formed a committee to organise and fundraise for additional events in the town's Market Place each summer.

Bruce Pickup, one of the members, said over the years there have been several retirements from the committee, and this year just six people met regularly to organise the event.

"Attempts to find people prepared to join the committee to help with planning and organisation have been unsuccessful," he added.

" At a recent meeting two of the present committee announced their retirement and it was reluctantly agreed that it will no longer be possible for this committee to continuer."

Mr Pickup said the shortage of active members was not their only problem.

"Running the free concert in The Market Place cost in excess of £4,000 and whilst we managed this year to pay everyone in full, and on time, our reserves were stretched to the limit," he added.

"Starting to plan a 2015 event without a musical director, treasurer and web site organiser was not something the remaining group were prepared to undertake."

Mr Pickup said they had received an offer from a local businessman to provide a reserve fund to financially support a 2015 festival and had has also offered to become an active committee member.

"This is not however an "open cheque", we must still give our best endeavours to making money as before, but should we hit cash flow problems support will be available," he added.

" We therefore are making an appeal to anyone interested to contact us and we will then arrange a meeting to try and move forward. We believe an active group of at least 10 people are necessary to help throughout the build up to the event and as many again to assist at the Saturday concert."

Mr Pickup said the first role which needed to be filled was someone to fun the website as the licence ran out shortly and it was vital to keep this active.

"We then require a treasurer, musical director, classic car organiser, programmeeEditor, as well as regular help on our money making event nights throughout the year," he added.

"Whilst we have a small group of local businesses who are very supportive, we also need to persuade more to support us."

Bruce said: "We hope there will be enough interest to carry on running what has become a popular event but without extra support 2014 will be the last Pickering Sixties Festival

An open meeting is being held at The Sun Inn on Wednesday, September 3, for anyone interested in getting involved.

Those who would like more information should contact Bruce or Kate Pickup on 01751 477340. or email pickup1973@btinternet.com