DRIVERS in York and North Yorkshire have been fined hundreds of pounds for their careless mistakes.

The Fixed Penalty Notices were used as punishments for speeding, dangerous overtaking, driving too close to the vehicle in front, wrong manoeuvres and using a mobile phone while driving.

Motorists were stopped on the A19, A1, the B1222 in York, the A64 at Askham Bryan and on roads in Northallerton and Scarborough, where they were handed fines.

North Yorkshire Police officers handed out 48 notices for offences such as dangerous overtaking and failing to give way at a junction, not staying in the correct lane and “careless manoeuvres” between August and June.

The new powers to issue fixed penalties for careless driving, along with a £100 fine and three points on the driver’s licence, were announced by the Government to make it easier for the police to tackle problem drivers.

Clive Tong, secretary of York Advanced Motorists, said: “Any measures improving the standards of driving in the York area are to be welcomed and any additional police presence on the road that helps enforcement of road traffic law can only improve everyone who wants to drive to a good standard and with consideration for others.

“When we are all driving we observe people doing things they shouldn’t from time to time, like talking on a mobile phone, and as well as being unsafe, can lead to annoying others. This sounds like a reasonable step forward and is in line with what the Government is trying to achieve.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “The new legislation allows officers to deal with people committing driving offences on the spot rather than having to go through an often lengthy court process.

“More serious offences will still be dealt with within the normal legal process, however the ability to issue fixed penalty tickets for certain offences will free up more time for officers to spend on patrol in their communities.”