TWO mums from North Yorkshire who became friends after giving birth on the same day in 2012 have repeated their double act this summer.

The odds of Claire Ottaway and Michelle Noble, both from Scarborough, giving birth on the same day for a second time were 270,000 to 1.

Claire met Michelle when they were in neighbouring hospital beds after having boys Ben and Henry on March 8, 2012, and on July 30, Claire, 33, had daughter Evie, weighing 6lbs 6oz, at 10.11am by elective C Section, while Michelle's daughter Isabel was born weighing 6lbs 4oz just under two hours later at 12.06pm.

Claire, 33, is married to B&Q worker Rob, 32, and already has son Jake, aged five

She said: "I was actually supposed to have Evie a week later but doctors decided they ought to get her out earlier and brought it forward to the same birth date as Michelle. We just couldn't believe it.

"It is so lovely that we have been able to share this whole journey together. When we first had Ben and Henry I was able to offer Michelle loads of advice because I'd already done it before. But we couldn't believe it when we both fell on pregnant again at the same time."

The pair have met up every Monday since Ben and Henry were born, and have helped each other through their latest pregnancies.

Occupational therapist Michelle, 29, who is married to Tom, 28, said: "It was so exciting to be pregnant together, but to give birth again on the same day - what are the chances of that? And we both had the same sex children. It was good because I did not know what I was having so my newborn clothes were all neutral.

"When I had a little girl, Claire, who knew what she was having, gave me a pink babygrow to put Isabel in. The hospital were so good with us, they let us stay in the beds next to each other. They were chuffed for us because they've never seen anything like this before. It was so lovely to be in hospital with a great friend. We helped each other through times of worry and never got bored. We are besties, and now our children are going to be good friends too."

Ben and Henry are already firm friends, and matured at the same pace - walking and talking at about the same time.

Michelle said: "It is lovely that this will keep on going and we will be raising our families together.

"We have decided in future we will have to combine birthday parties. Although now, I have decided I'm not going to have any more children so if Claire decides to have any more she is on her own."