PARENTS of asthma sufferers in North Yorkshire are urged to make sure their children take their medication during the summer holidays.

Hospital admissions for asthma-related illness can increase in summer as children forget to take their preventer inhalers during the long school break.

Dr Paul Twomey, medical director for North Yorkshire and the Humber at NHS England, said: “Children with asthma may be more likely to forget use their preventative inhaler when they are out of their school routine and may therefore be more likely to fall ill when they return to the classroom in September. They’re also more likely to need treatment for their asthma in September than at any other time.”

“It is important that children use their preventative medication properly during the school holidays. This will help to keep them well and to cope with common infections when they return to school or nursery in September.”

For more information, parents are advised to talk to their pharmacist, GP, asthma nurse or paediatrician, phone NHS 111, or go to