TIPS to help reduce the threat of fire have been released by North Yorkshire Fire Service.

The warnings are part of the fire service’s annual summer campaign to try and raise awareness of the dangers of fire during summer months.

A spokesman said: “Last year the number of people killed by accidental fires in England during the summer months increased. Behind every statistic is a family tragedy. Don’t let it be your family this year.

“Young people – make sure your parents and grandparents are taking the right steps to keep everyone safe.

“Older family members and neighbours might need your help testing their alarms and taking sensible precautions. Remember that you are at least four times more likely to die in fire in your home if there are no working smoke alarms. Test them today – before it’s too late.”

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Tips include:

Never leave any barbecues, bonfires or any other controlled fires unattended;

Make sure everything is safely out and cool before leaving it;

Do everything you can to avoid starting fires by mistake – wherever you are;

Don’t leave cooking unattended in the kitchen when you are out in the garden – or in any other part of your home.