RYEDALE MP Anne McIntosh has launched a report on food production by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

Included in the report are calls for supermarkets to shorten supply chains and for farmers to extend their seasonal production of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Miss McIntosh, who is chairman of the committee, said: “Complacency is a genuine risk to future UK food security.

“If we want our food production and supply systems to be secure, government and food producers must plan to meet the impacts of climate change, population growth and increasing global demand for food.

“At least three departments are now responsible for food security—Defra, BIS and DECC. To ensure coherent planning and action, overall strategy must be led by Defra, who must ensure a robust approach right across Whitehall.”

The Food Security report supports the idea of “sustainable intensification”—producing more food with fewer resources.

It also calls on Defra to stem decline in the UK’s self-sufficiency and to deliver more resilience in the UK food system.