LOOKING out at five disused railway carriages in the back of the house she had just bought, Tracy Chapman had a "light bulb moment."

Combining her love of photography with the unique idea of glamping - glamorous camping - the former operations manager at Pfizer has created an innovative business idea bringing together two completely different concepts.

Tracy, 44, who moved to Weaverthrope from Surrey, decided to pursue her passion in photography along with the help of her sister Karyn Harper, 48, who has lived in the village for the past 12 years to create Yorkshire Wolds Photography and Glamping.

Tracy, who has a photography diploma and several exhibitions of her work under her belt, said that the business will offer a range of photography courses with the added benefit of being able to stay on site throughout the duration of the course.

"It's a really unique idea and I don't know anywhere else that does something like this. The glamping was a light bulb moment when I was looking at the house because there's 1.4 acres at the back and there are five disused railway carriages and I thought wouldn't it be fantastic to renovate them."

Tracy is currently in talks with Ryedale District Council regarding planning permission but the photography courses, which can be undertaken on one day or across a long weekend, are already underway. There will be a range of courses such as those suitable for people 'moving on from auto' as well as a Fun with Photography Course and Photographing Dogs.

A Kids' Club will also be starting over the summer holidays but Tracy says her main passion is the course for absolute beginners.

She said: "We will specialise in absolute beginners because that is really what I'm passionate about. During the course we will get familiar with how the camera works and go out to various locations to take some pictures before coming back to the studio.

"We will look at what everyone else has taken and critique it which for me is a really important part of the course."

To book on to a course and for more information visit www.yorkshire-wolds.org.uk