A £35,000 scheme to help tackle speeding has been recommended for approval by councillors.

A Ryedale District Council area committee meeting last Wednesday was told that the proposed traffic calming scheme, which would include new warning signs and road markings, should be granted approval when the report goes before the executive committee for a decision.

The villages of Amotherby, Great Barugh, Normanby and Marton would benefit from the scheme, which received funding from North Yorkshire County Council to improve the C20 from the junction with the A170 at Kirby Mills to its junction with the B1257 at Amotherby, following concerns from local residents and parish councillors.

After a series of trial speed surveys, pinch points, which temporarily narrow the road, were introduced in each village to restrict the average speed of vehicles to a maximum of 30mph.

The results of the survey saw average speeds in Amotherby and Great Barugh reduced by 1.9mph and 0.9mph while the average speed in Normanby rose by 0.7mph.

In Marton, pinch points were trialled in three locations and option A, adjacent to Bridge View, was found to have the greatest reduction, with the average speed falling by 7.7mph.

Councillor John Clark said: “I think this is brilliant that this is going to happen before someone is killed.”

Richard Marr, county highway manager for Ryedale, said option A gave the lowest speeds and that was what councillors should be looking for.

He said: “That really is what we are looking for – getting down to the lowest numbers that we can. There is no clear one that residents favour, we favour option A.”

Councillors recommended that a 20mph speed limit be introduced in Amotherby, a 40mph buffer zone be introduced on the northern approach to Marton and warning signs and road markings be introduced outside of all four villages.