OWNERS of a North Yorkshire park are campaigning to bring back Whitsun in a bid to reduce the peaks and troughs of demand created by school holidays.

The owners of Pinewood Park, in Scarborough, believe schools and businesses should offer the traditional Whitsun holiday to families to help them avoid inflated holiday costs during school holidays,

Pinewood Park director Kerry Woodhead said: "Whitsun was always the seventh Sunday after Easter and if that were still in place, we would this year be looking forward to a Whit Monday Bank Holiday on Monday, June 9th.

"Schools and businesses could use this date as an alternative to the fixed Spring Bank Holiday.

"It should be relatively simple for this to be organized and would help to solve the issue over holiday cost to families at the same time.

"Families need to have options rather than be fined for taking children out during school holiday periods and we hope that this campaign will resonate with head teachers, education authorities and Government.

"With the rising numbers of stay-at-home holiday trips it is important that we keep in touch with our guests needs."