Soldiers from all around Britain have taken part in a gruelling test of fitness from dawn to dusk around York and North Yorkshire.

Hundreds ran, cycled, marched, swam and kayaked 182 miles to the finish line of the Race The Sun event.

The 29 teams of men and women began crossing the forests, rivers, and lake at first light.

They slogged up Sutton Bank, biked through Cropton Forest to Levisham Moor, and endured a Forced March with heavy pack to Rievaulx Moor.

After swimming the Great Lake at Castle Howard, they faced a three kilometre stretcher race carrying a 40 kg load around Imphal Barracks, Fulford.

The York-based 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment won the the minor units trophy.

Lt Col Ian Hargreaves, the CO of York-based 2 Signal Regiment, which hosted and organised the event, said: “It makes huge demands of our soldiers.

“Their physical stamina, their teamwork and their sheer determination is what gets them through.

“Overseas, events such as ‘Race the Sun’ directly contribute to the Army’s operational effectiveness.”