THE GIRLFRIEND of a 24-year-old man who died suddenly, woke one morning to find him lying dead in bed next to her, an inquest has heard.

Sean McGuinness, 24, of Langton Road, Norton, was found dead in bed with his partner on the morning of January 15 after dying from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SAD).

In a statement read out at an inquest in to his death held in Scarborough, the court heard how his girlfriend Charlotte Buckle, who he had been living with for seven months, woke to the sound of his alarm only to find that her boyfriend would not wake up.

The inquest heard how Sean and Charlotte both worked with racehorses and had spent the evening together after Charlotte had made him a shepherd's pie.

Charlotte, who described their relationship as fun and said they were always laughing together, told of the horror she felt when she woke to find her boyfriend dead.

In a statement read out to the court she said: “I was woken up by Sean’s 6am alarm but he didn’t get up. I nudged him to get up but he didn’t move.

“I told him he was scaring me and I slapped him across the face to wake him. I leaned across to touch his face but his face was cold.”

The court heard how Mr McGuinness was forced to give up his job as an assistant racehorse trainer for Norton trainer John Quinn after being diagnosed with a hole in the heart.

Yet despite this diagnosis, a post-mortem examination failed to show any heart problems.

Dr Musa, consultant pathologist at Scarborough Hospital said: “No significant abnormality was detected. There was nothing significant at all.”

But Dr Musa went on to say that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SAD) was the most likely cause of death.

SAD affects those under the age of 35 with many people being fit and healthy when they die. In up to one in five cases of young sudden cardiac deaths no definite cause of death can be found.

Michael Oakley, HM Senior Coroner for the North Yorkshire Eastern Area recorded a decision of natural causes for Mr McGuinness’ death.

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