MOBILITY scooter users have spoken of their frustration at having their tyres repeatedly punctured due to a narrow pavement.

74-year-old Peter Eyre, of Malton Road, Pickering, has complained to North Yorkshire County Council several times asking them to widen the pavement to avoid scooter users having to go on to the road.

Mr Eyre said that aside from the dangers of mobility scooters driving on the roads, his scooter has suffered numerous punctured tyres and said that other users have also had the same problem.

"We can barely get on the pavement with our mobility scooters and we keep getting punctures from it," said Peter.

"It costs me about £50 a time to fix a puncture and it's a lot of money."

Peter said he would like to see the council widen the pavement to make it more accessible for mobility scooter users and said that one lady was left stranded after suffering punctures on her scooter and was unable to get back on to the pavement.

He said: "One lady who has no legs got four punctures and her husband had to walk half a mile to get the car for her. They really need to do something about it."

Richard Marr, area highways manager for North Yorkshire County Council said that the council were working with Mr Eyre to look at what could be done to solve the problem but said that it would be unlikely that the pavement would be widened.

"We are working to get the hedges cut back and we will be going out to see Mr Eyre to see what difficulties he has. But if needs the pavement widening then we simply don't have the money do to that," he said.

"The little money we have got left for this sort of work will be to work on high accident sites to stop accidents from happening."