REAL ale is Gold according to Spandau Ballet's front man Tony Hadley who has just brewed his first cask ale.

Hadley Blonde was brewed for the first time yesterday along with the help of The Great Yorkshire Brewery, in Cropton who the singer has teamed up with.

The True hit-maker and long time beer enthusiast co-owned a brewery in Suffolk six years ago but following its closure has decided to have another go at making “a brilliant summer ale."

He said: "I love it when you're sat outside of the pub on a summers evening and you've got a beautiful golden ale that just goes down so easily.

“That's the kind of drink we want to make; a brilliant, brilliant summer ale."

The 53-year-old singer said that he is confident that his beer will be one of the best.

"Every now and again people are going to want something different so we are trying to give everyone a little bit more flavour.

"When you make a beer you want it to be the best tasting beer you can imagine. I think it is going to be fantastic."

Hadley Blonde will go on sale later this year in time for Tony's UK festival performances including the Dare 2b Yorkshire Festival of Cycling at Harewood House in July.